Since 1979, Northwest Fourslide has manufactured and delivered the highest quality of precision metal stampings and wire forms. 

Why do customers keep coming back?

In our 38+ years of doing business, we have created many loyal, lasting relationships with our customers. We have a customer-focused model that is centered on principles and operates as a seamless extension of our customer’s business so that our success is directly aligned with the success of each product our parts go into. Our machinery and processes are aimed to provide reliability, consistency, and longevity for the life of your parts. We serve all industries, although we have a strong presence in the aerospace, defense, medical, electronics, power, commercial, and automotive industries.


What exactly is it that we do?

We specialize in simple to complex metal parts for any and all industries. We refer to our business as metal origami, forming thin gauge metal to make very unique, custom parts. Our high standards and certifications make us a preferred supplier in the metal stamping industry for high and low volume requirements. We prototype, manufacture low volume on our servo press machines, and manufacture higher volume parts on our fourslide machines. No matter which of our services you use, you can feel confident that Northwest Fourslide will deliver timely, quality results – our talented people, diverse experience, and collaborative efforts contribute to making our teams win.


We have a heart to serve!

We believe in fulfilling our duty to deliver results and provide extraordinary service to our customers that leads to lasting relationships. We enjoy what we do and we do what we do very well. We are customer focused and committed to success.

At Northwest Fourslide, we set ourselves apart from other companies by constantly challenging ourselves in the way we do business. Failure is not an option. We work with you at the inception of a project and set off to finish it the same way we started. While quality products and on-time delivery are important goals to meet, we also believe relationships are just as important in order to reach those results. Northwest Fourslide’s emphasis on product and people is one of the ways we’re growing with our customers and cultivating a healthy workplace.

Through lasting relationships, Northwest Fourslide aligns with customer’s vision to deliver quality and precision metal parts that add value to our customer’s products while providing meaningful work for our employees.

We utilize our expertise, experience, and unique technologies to produce any quantity of high-precision, low-cost stampings and wire forms with cost-effective and timely tooling. If your part is thin gauge metal, < .062″ (1.6 mm) thick and < 2.125″ (55 mm) width in the flat or a wire form < .188″ (4.8 mm) diameter, you should consider Northwest Fourslide as your supplier for prototyping, short run production, and high volume manufacturing.

Our goal is to provide a superior customer experience and we strive for continuous improvement. Quality is the essence of our business success and it is the responsibility of all employees to maintain it. Employees have control and ownership of processes that apply to their position. First article inspection and statistical process control data (per customer requirements) are available upon request. Northwest Fourslide has been registered to ISO 9000 series standards since 1996 and AS 9100 since 2013.

We’ve evolved significantly over the years as we’ve leveraged our journey to become the best partner possible for precision metal stampings and wire forms.

We have the equipment, skilled personnel, and desire to ensure the successful manufacturing and on-time delivery of your products. We only hire the best talent for our team and are continuously improving our business so you can feel confident in our ability to deliver results year after year. We work with our customers to meet the ever-growing and complex demands in the world today. Our flexibility and ability to adapt to changing conditions allow us to focus our tailored approach to meet these specific needs.

Unified with a common purpose to succeed

By aligning our goals with yours, we are in essence rowing in unison together and continuing on the path to success. We care about what we do and are working diligently as a team to meet your needs. After all, what is important to you is important to Northwest Fourslide.

We are a company founded on principles and values…

  • Be professional at all times.
  • Be the best employer and employee possible.
  • Be an asset to your community.
  • Share your expertise with others to help us all succeed.
  • Expand your knowledge into new areas.
  • See beyond today, and envision both the big picture and our future.

We commit to offer customers unmatched value in our parts and services.

  • Price
  • Quality
  • Communication
  • Innovation
  • Delivery
  • Service
  • Treat each other with dignity and respect at all times.
  • Have ideas, share them, and work together to develop and evaluate ideas.
  • Expect, encourage, and enjoy change in the spirit of creativity and improvement.
  • Appreciate, respect, and enjoy diversity of thought and opinion.
  • Enjoy pursuing our purpose and vision

We live by foundational principles and unquestionable ethics.

  • Make clear promises to customers and exceed their expectations.
  • Assume responsibility; be accountable.
  • Depersonalize problems to solve them.

We commit to delivery results and continuous improvement in our quality systems.

  • Identify, measure, control, and improve our processes.
  • Work in a spirit of continuous improvement.
  • Recognize, offer, and accept criticism as an invaluable tool for improvement.
  • Use the best available processes and tools.
  • Ask “Why”? five times. Get to the root of every problem.

We aim for precision. We aim to win.