Northwest Fourslide specializes in simple to complex metal parts for all industries.

We are capable of producing a broad and versatile array of small parts cost-effectively and at a very rapid rate. We specialize in close tolerance, small, thin metal parts, and where possible we utilize tooling designed to reduce scrap. With the high cost of metals, especially precious metals, this can result in considerable part cost savings.

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Fourslide tooling is often selected where extensive bending operations are required and less expensive tooling is desired to produce complex parts.

The raw material is continuously fed into the machine and may first go through a progressive die, where punching, coining, piercing, or other operations may be performed. The material strip (partially formed part) advances out of the die and is formed by a series of forming tools synchronized by built-in cams. Immediately after the forming is completed the part is cut off from the strip and safely secured in a bin.

Unlike a conventional power press, the multi-slide and four-slide machines stamping motion is horizontal rather than vertical and the part can drop down off the post that it is formed around. Forming can be done at different levels as well. 

The fourslide process has many advantages:

  • Reduced materials requirements
  • Increased run rate
  • Lower piece price
  • Shorter tooling lead time
  • Cost-effective tooling
  • Lower tool modification costs
  • Ease of adjusting for material variability
  • Simpler tool maintenance
  • Capability to form complex parts
  • Ability to integrate value-added manufacturing
  • Cost effective for low to high quantity production

Reference the parameters below to see if you should consider four-slide production for your stamping and/or wire needs:

Strip Material

  • Thickness between .004″ and .060″
  • Max Material Width 2.125″ (54mm)
  • Max Material Length 15″

Wire Material

  • Diameter between .005″ and .188″
  • Max Material Length 15″

Materials include precious metals and commonly used metals, such as:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Nickel Plated Steel
  • Copper
  • Copper Alloys (Beryllium copper, etc.)
  • Brass Cold Rolled Steel
  • Nickel alloys (52 alloy, Kovar, etc.)
  • Aluminum

Capabilities vary based on material type, temper, and design features. Custom tools may be considered for parts outside normal parameters. Our tolerances are as follows:

  • Form to feature: +/-.005“ (0.125 mm)
  • Form to form: +/-.005“ (0.125 mm)
  • Feature size: +/-.001“ (0.025 mm)
  • Notch to form: +/-.005” (0.125 mm)
  • Bend Angle: +/- 2 deg (preferred)
  • Feed Accuracy: .0002″ (0.005 mm)
  • Bend Angle: +/- 2 deg (preferred)
  • Feed Accuracy: .0002″ (0.005 mm)

Design Consultation

We strongly encourage our customers to collaborate with us in the early stages of part design. We can easily sort out any unnecessary elements or tolerancing that typically hinders operations. This time and cost saving step is vitally important to manufacturing parts that are reliable, of the highest quality, and have the greatest chance for manufacturing success.

Prototyping and Low Volume Production (Short Run)

Precision is what we know and it typically starts with our prototyping. Whether you need prototypes, occasional short runs, or ramping up for higher production, this department is a great place to start. We work out the kinks in metallurgy and fine tune our tooling to give our customer the peace of mind knowing that we will deliver results. We think ahead when designing low volume tooling by understanding how the part would be manufactured on the fourslide machine and mimicking our prototype tooling. At Northwest Fourslide, prototype parts closely emulate production parts.

Fourslide Tooling and Production

Whether tens of thousands or millions, we will support your needs with the quality you expect. We only have the best in-house tool makers to provide first class tooling to our customers. We do fourslide and it starts with our tool makers. Tools are maintained for the life of your part. These machines are made in the USA. Visit our About Us page to see video of the fourslide in action.

Value-Added Manufacturing

Available upon request on part by part basis. Northwest Fourslide has produced parts where additional processes were added.

  • Automated install of plastic rollers
  • Creation of a point on wireforms
  • Welding of parts
  • Assembly
  • Reel to reel production
  • Tape and Reel packaging

Wire EDM

We produce tools and part blanks with only .0001″ tolerance. We have the latest technology in wire EDMs to meet customer requirements and take on the most challenging jobs.

  • XYZ stroke 15.75 X 11.80 X 8.60 table size
  • Wire diameter .004 – .012
  • .004 wire for .002 inside radi
  • Taper angle 15 degrees at 8.0”
  • Faster cutting time and less wire usage
  • Linear shaft motors for precise machining and better parts

Post Processing

In-house capabilities:

Heat Treat

  • 4 ovens available
  • Heat treat beryllium copper parts
  • Heat treat steel parts
  • Heat treat tool steel


  • Deburr capabilities custom to part
  • Various media available

Parts Washing

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